Envelope printing


It's important that you read all information in the steps below.

If you need to make changes after sending over the file or require a reprint for certain envelopes there is a minimum fee of £22.

Download the excel template for guest addressing.


Fill out the excel template sheet.
The name and address details should be added to correct columns.
Columns left blank will automatically be removed.

When adding multiple guest names please keep characters to under 40 character (including spaces) on each line. Otherwise the text may not fit on to the envelopes. You may need to remove surnames and make other changes to fit multiple names to the envelopes.
It's not possible to split the lines between rows/cells, or the address will not print correctly.

Please do not add notes or references in the excel cells, or blank rows between addresses or they will be printed.

Characters / letters from other alphabets are not always supported by the fonts so it's advisable to try to keep to typical type characters as much as possible.


Please triple check the details and formatting are 100% correct before sending it across. You should have checked the data enough times that you do not need to check it again after sending it.

The majority of the envelope printing fee is setting up the project and handling the data so resending the excel sheet means starting the project again. If you decide to resend the excel sheet there is a £22 fee to cover restarting the project.

Once complete please email the file to:

Thank you for choosing Bloom for your wedding stationery.


Please note the excel sheet can only be sent over once.

There is a £22 fee to resend the excel sheet.

I am not responsible for errors in the file sent over or forgotton guest names.There is a fee of £22+ 50p per envelope to print additional envelopes after production is complete.

There are no refunds for changes in quantities required.

Please inform me first if the excel sheet contains alphabets from different languages and I will do my best to adapt this.

There is a small chance some different language alphabet letters may not print correctly as there are a large number of languages and not all are suported, the envelope printing is automated so can’t be proofed for every single address.It’s advisable to try to keep to typical type characters as much as possible.I can’t be responsible if these letter from different language alphabets print incorrectly.

Due to the nature of envelopes and that they cannot be printed with a bleed there is a 3mm discretionary print area so please allow the print placement to vary slighly for envelope printing.