Place Cards


It's important that you read all information in the steps below.

If you need to make changes after sending over the file or require a reprint for certain envelopes there is a minimum fee of £22.

Download the excel template for Place Cards.


Fill out the excel template sheet.

The names and table numbers should be added to correct columns. (If applicable)

The text will appear how you write it for the table numbers.
E.g 'table one' or ' table 2' or just '1'.

Long guest names
Long guest names will be automatically split to additional lines.

Hythens are not fully supported. If you use them for a double barrelled surname it will most likely split the double barrelled surname name across two separate lines.
It's recommended to remove the hyphen as below as there is no workaround for this:
= Bella Gray-Jones =
Bella GrayJones
Bella Gray Jones

Please do not add notes and references in the excel cells or they will be printed. And please do not add blank rows

Characters / letters
Characters and letters from other alphabets are not always supported by the fonts so it's advisable to try to keep to typical type characters as much as possible.


Please triple check the details and formatting are 100% correct before sending it across.

You should have checked the data enough times that you do not need to check it again after sending it.

The majority of the fee is setting up the project and handling the data so resending the excel sheet means starting the project again. If you decide to resend the excel sheet there is a £22 fee to cover restarting the project.

Once complete please email the file to:

Thank you for choosing Bloom for your wedding stationery.


Please note the excel sheet can only be sent over once.

There is a £22 fee to resend the excel sheet.

I am not responsible for errors in the file sent over or forgotton guest names.
There is a fee of £22+ 50p per print after production is complete.

There are no refunds for changes in quantities required.